• Welcome To Our Blog!

    Thank you so much for checking out our website and visiting our blog! My name is Will Alexander, founder and President of Stagner Steak Rub. The story of our company is simple. In 2013 we brought our long-standing Texas cooking traditions to the market place so that others could experience steak like they never have before. Sharing this love of ours has been a wild adventure and we could have never imagined the tremendous response we’ve had from people all over the country. To all of our customers, please accept my sincerest thanks for your loyalty, your feedback, and being the greatest customers in the world.

    What can you expect from this blog?

    So glad you asked. The mission of our blog is to give you meaningful, relevant information regarding all things steak as well as provide you with content to make your food experience more enjoyable all the way around. You will be able to find articles on everything from recipes ideas, tips & tricks, grill maintenance and cleaning, DIY projects, and discussions on informative topics such as the differences between various grades and cuts of meat. From the campground to the kitchen to the patio, we've got you covered.

    Kick off your boots and make yourself at home. We're glad you're here.

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