• 5 Tips to Take the Bite Out of Backyard Mosquitos

    Spring's here. The weekend is here. The weather is beginning to warm up nicely but hasn't yet reached the broiling triple digits. You've invited some friends over for a nice, relaxing evening involving the patio, the grill and you're looking forward to a great dinner and enjoyable conversation. When you've put the effort into planning the perfect evening, the last thing you want to do is retreat back indoors after being dive-bombed by mosquitos.

    Here are 5 tips we've tested that will substantially reduce the presence of mosquitos around your patio.

    1. Mow your yard. Mosquitos have been known to generate offspring just from the dew that collects on grass and other plants. Really. Keeping your grass cut short reduces the amount of dew that collects and is held on your lawn.

    2. Dryer sheets. Google it and you'll be surprised how many other people out there agree that wiping yourself down with dryer sheets is a great DEET-alternative to keeping mosquitos at bay. We also have stuffed them in and around plants or decorations on the patio, especially just for a few hour dinner event.

    3. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. This all natural mosquito repellant is touted to be as effective as some DEET products but without the potentially harmful chemicals. The "OLE" as it's often referred to, gives off a disctinct but non-offensive odor which I like because I know it's working. It can be applied on the skin or poured into various containers around your outdoor space. OLE also seems to last longer than most DEET products. You can find it at REI, Amazon, and other online retailers.

    4. Blow 'em Away. An electric fan or two placed on your patio often creates enough breeze to keep the mosquitos at bay. The pesky insects are much more active in calm conditions when they don't have to battle the wind. Make your own wind.

    5. Thermacell - my personal favorite. This is a product that hunters and outdoorsmen have been using in the last few years with great success and is my personal favorite. The compact unit utilizes a butane fuel source to heat a chemically treated insert which in turn gives off a non-toxic vapor that repels mosquitos and other biting insects. The Thermacell has yielded the best results for me time and time again. You can find them at local sportgoods stores for under $30.

    Give these ideas a try. Leave the plagues of biting insects to Moses. Get outside and enjoy yourself.

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