Stagner Steak Rub

Established in 1877 in Pioneer, Texas, Stagner Steak Rub is Texas's Finest! 

Without Stagner, It's Just a Bunch of Bull!

With a blend of herbs and spices true to Texas, Stagner Steak Rub enhances the natural flavor of the meat without a bunch of bull. This rub will forever change the way you eat steak! Made by hand in small batches with premium ingredients, it's great on steak, tenderloin, roasts and burgers....even chicken and veggies!

Size: 6oz.

Ingredients: Coarse Salt, Corn Starch, Garlic, Other Spices (including Black Pepper), Beef Bouillon, Paprika, Onion, Sugar. CONTAINS: Milk, Soy.

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